A Little Bit Of Rope!

Do not mistake my tolerance for apathy.

Just because I no longer say anything about something, does not mean that I accept, approve, or otherwise condone it.

I am not apathetic. I am not ignorant. I am not ignoring it.

I have simply reached a point in my life, that I have found it more productive to provide you as much rope as is needed to hang yourself with.

I have accepted unto myself the role of the silent unnoticed practitioner, whom stands off to the side of the gallows, my hand upon the lever, that will eventually drop the floor from underneath you.

And so I await. As you you tighten your noose of narcissism, greed, and ignorance upon your own throat. Awaiting the moment for my services to be called upon.

I believe there are some basic fundamental qualities to possess in order to consider yourself a decent quality human being.

Things like, Honor, Courage, Independence, Respect, and Responsibility.

They are the things you should apply to your Definition, Dedication, and Discovery.

If you are lacking any one of these items;

Here Is Some Rope.


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