About Me!

My name Michael Joseph Salzbrenner. My friends call me Bæst. I live in the United States, and I am very dedicated to my country and the principles it was founded upon. I enjoy expanding my mind and exploring new ideas. This is a quick overview that describes a little about me :

  • Age = Old
  • Sex = Yes Please
  • Faith = Heathen
  • Height = Over 6 Feet
  • Weight = Over 200 Pounds
  • Political Affiliation = Independent
  • Relationship = Married
  • Children = Two
  • Humor = Sarcasm, Slapstick
  • Beliefs = Liberty Or Death!

There is a quick description. If you need more send me a suggestion and I will consider it. For now this will do. The purpose of this page is to express my mind, not to endorse myself.


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