4 comments on “MY Declaration Of Independance!

    • I will happily agree. Hence my statement in the post. “I will admit that Obama is not the problem, but he is a portion of it.” The truth is that any “lawmaker” be it a bureaucrat or citizen is at fault. The more laws you pass the more liberty is eliminated. There is a specific and isolated need for law. But that standard has already been met. Its called the United States Constitution. That is what defines the acceptable parameters of United States law. And any one who violates the guidelines set forth by the United States Constitution is at least a traitor (mostly citizens) and at worst a terrorist (mostly government). Those who support Obama have either deluded themselves into believing what he SAYS, have chosen to completely ignore what he DOES, or agrees with his methods. Even though HE is not the ONLY one who displays these behaviors, ideals, and direction. Those who support these behaviors, ideals, and direction are the ones that I refer too. Obama is the “figure head”, and is utilized as such, for better or for worse.

      • Indeed it could. But when referencing a specific set of standards one would still be inclined to utilize the most “prominent” and “recognizable” “figure head” for the sake of clarity. Especially when used in an environment that will be including a large group of people and/or a vast array of perceptions.

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