About This Site!

Welcome To The World Of Bæst!

My name Michael Joseph Salzbrenner. My friends call me Bæst. For more information about me. See the “About Me!” page.

This page is intended to serve as an outlet for my personal opinions, occasional rants, and random ideas. I don’t ask that you agree with my opinions or thoughts. I ask only that you keep an open mind, and understand that it is difficult to express in words what one is able to develop in their mind.

Imagination has no boundaries but unfortunately the means to place the thoughts developed there is limited to the technology available.

To my great distress the world has become a litigious place. So be sure you agree with all of my “requests” found on the “The Legal Stuff!” page.

My opinions, my thoughts, and my personal expression can be found on the “The Way I See It!” page.

You can view my most recent articles by using the “Recent Updates.” menu on the right ->

If you would prefer to locate articles in regards to specific subjects than you can use the “Specific Topics!” drop down menu on the right ->

And last but not least. If you are interested in visiting me in other locations than you can do so by using the “Where You Can Find Me!” menu on the right ->

So come join me, as we browse the infinite possibilities that await within the mind of Bæst!

2 comments on “About This Site!

  1. Saw your review of the taurus 24/7 g2. I would like to get one for my wife. The g2 i was looking at has a 3.5 inch barrel. What do you think about the g2 compact with a 3.5 inch barrel? Thanks. I enjoy your videos. Keep up the good work.

    • My review on YouTube was a complete review of the Compact model. I have fired the full size model and there is little difference between the two. I chose the compact model for smaller size as it is my daily carry pistol. Some people have complained a little about the grip being slightly large. I have large hands so I prefer this. If you wife has smaller hands then you may want to look at the new Millennium G2’s : http://www.taurususa.com/product-details.cfm?id=872&category=Pistol&toggle=tp&breadcrumbseries=MP1 . Almost the same pistol as the 24/7 but a bit smaller frame for people with smaller hands. If she doesn’t mind the thicker grip then the 24/7 is an excellent choice. My complete review of the Compact 24/7G2 (all 3 videos) can be viewed on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL009A2428F406B48D if you want more information. I’m carrying the 9MM specifically because I will be carrying it 12/7, weighs less, the recoil is less “offensive” and it more than capable. But both the 24/7 and the Millennium come in 9MM or .40. And ALL Taurus products come with a Lifetime Warranty. Either way you can’t loose.

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